Introductory Consultation

For new clients, initial consultations typically take place at the horse’s barn. During the initial consultation, I will ask many questions about your horse’s daily routine and behavioral history. I will observe your horse’s behavior and his/her interaction with owner.

We will ask the question ”why is my horse behaving this way?”

Unwanted behaviors in horses may be caused by pain, fear, anxiety, excitement, inexperience, frustration, or learned strategies that have worked in the past. Knowing “why” provides a powerful tool for customizing and refining training, and to be proactive by dealing with the underlying reason for the behavior issue and preventing it from happening again.

We work together to understand your goals and horse’s needs, and create a customized training/behavior modification plan based on your horse’s breed and temperament, and describe its implementation. Training plans include the most effective ways to quickly change behavior, but also, how to stop behavior problems using behavior modification. Follow-up lessons, if desired, are available at $110 per hour. These may take place at the client’s barn, or at a public location.

Initial Consultation Includes:

  • Behavior Consultation and Temperament Evaluation (1.5-2 hours)
  • Customized Training Plan for you and your horse
  • Management tools to interrupt unwanted behaviors
  • Review of client registration & policies & procedures
  • Printed Handouts / Solutions / Games 
  • Schedule another session (as needed)
  • E-mail follow up

Follow-up visits typically last 90 minutes. These hands-on sessions reinforce lessons and teach you how and when to implement different training options. Follow-up Visits allows for training plans to be modified and improved upon as your horse learns. Includes personal coaching and more advanced training strategies, new techniques, extra time to review and practice important hand-on skills.