Welcome to Savvy Canine & Equine Training with Jenny Stieglitz –a dream in the making after 13 years of training dogs and horses.

With a reward-base approach, Jenny persues her passion for animals, and continues to expand her expertise and knowledge by participating in educational seminars and workshops. Understanding potential causes of problem behaviors in both dogs and horses can help eliminate frustrating and undesirable behavior. Using homeopathic treatments (kinesiology taping, Reiki, physical therapy, body work, and essential oils), we offer a complete, balanced, and individualized training program for individual clients. These practices allow us to tackle one of the biggest contributing factors to behavioral problems which is health issues.

Jenny’s advance training has included: Karen Pryor Academy and Dr. Ian Dunbar Sirius Courses for Dog Professionals. She has studied the Masterson Method for horses along with The Equine Touch. She has attended multiple conferences and seminars including the Clicker Expo and the IAABC. In 2012 she participated in The World Clicker Equine Games and came in third place.

When Jenny isn’t busy coaching Savvy Canine & Equine handlers she can often be found exploring one of the many nature trails in the Boston area with her canine companion Jordan.